The gift of the life. - A vision.

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The gift of the life. - A vision.

Awaking to the smell of roses you find yourself in a garden filled with many flowers of all colors. A fountain with the statue of a pregnant woman being breastfed comes into view as a voice that of a sultry woman speaks behind you. Turning around the sight of a long haired blond comes to your attention. The matronly figure wore a crown of red roses that matched the color of the flaps that were connected to the rope that was tied to her amble birth hips that stretched several feet to her sides being a massive moon that could crush a mans legs should they be sat on. Her pussy was visible as much as her monstrous breasts that rested down to her knees being firm in appearance as they didn't sag out of age but only out of how fat they were from her milk infused glands.

Splaying out for the world to see her jugs lactate in front of you, making your lips salivate. Giving a heart worming smile she beckons you to come closer as you legs decide to move on your own. Stopping in front of her she speaks.

"I am Terra, goddess of fertility. For many centuries I have searched for you, echoing my existence to the void of space and time. Now the time has come for you to bring forth a new generation to the world as a daughter of mine. Suck from my breast so that I may give you an abundance of fertility no man can break by any mortal means."

Being moved you suck at her tit, letting her blessed milk gush into your mouth. It tasted like sweet honey as she rubbed the back of your head, still speaking throughout the process.

"My sweet child, with my milk you will become a mature young women that no man can resist. As a priestess on earth you will be able to give the similar blessing with other women by offering your newly sacred nourishment. There will be those who will wish for motherhood and as such they will become your daughters and spread there blood lines across the world."

Feeling how sensitive your breasts have become you stop drinking as the richness of mother's milk fills the belly.

She smiled, guiding you to the fountain.

"You have drunken much from me... You will become a fine woman just like me. Noe I give you to be born on earth."

Slowly she carefully plunges you into the water as your vision fades.

  1. You are May, a school girl who is made aware of your goal.
  2. You are Patricia, an office worker who learns of her true purpose from getting pregnant from someone she is dating.
  3. You are Lena, a peasant girl from the medieval period whose goal is to repopulate after so many years have past from the black plague in new england.
  4. You are Karen, a fit woman who despite her wishes must accept her destiny.
  5. You are Sophia, a daughter to a king of the realm who must accept her duty.
  6. You are Sakura, an asian woman who is destined to find the a long lost village where her sister has gone. Little did she know of the plans Terra had for them.
  7. You are April, a woman who works on a farm.
  8. More.

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