The Tribe... - The visit.

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The Tribe... - The visit.

Kate never wanted to go on this school trip, the thought of it being her mother's idea only made it worse. She came from a private highschool meant for rich kids, Erickson high so modestly named by the rich baron who founded it. Unlike her she was raised in a middle class home. The only reason she got into the school was because it was free for anyone who lived in the wealthy neighborhood. They had just come onto the remote island of little banana( yes, hilariously the native tribe called it that) from an airplane. Apparently the island had been recently discovered by a group of scientists who had been observing the local wild life. There had been some local skirmishes here and there but after a few years the government decided to let them keep there little island.

Several young men and woman stood around as her mother, Miss Chase, gathered every one together. They both grew up with the same height of 5'4, both petite compared to others. Her mother wore a pair of khaki shorts with a light blue t-shirt. She had on a red baseball cap, her long, dirty blond hair reaching down to her back. Her green eyes matched her daughters as she scanned the crowd. Kate went back to playing on her android.

"Alright, everyone! If I can have your attention please..."

The crowd shushed as a few hands reached out.

"Yes Rachel, what's your question?"

A young blond woman with a pony tail dropped her hand. She was wearing an expensive, beige jacket with black buttons. Her black skirt hugged against her small yet curvy backside. You could see her chest rubbing against it. Her beasts must have been double CC's. Kate recognized her as the head cheerleader of her possy. Her dad owned the school, she felt as if she could call the shots at every turn. She looked to her mother with disgusted disdain.

"This place is so dirty! Please tell me were going to be staying in a hotel. Are we?"

"No, which is why everyone has brought there camping gear here. Rachel, I assume you have yours?"

The bimbo puffed up her cheeks in flushed rage.

"Oh you have got to be joking, wait till my father hears about this, he'll..."

"Actually he told me that you could use a new change of scenery here. Please understand that your father really does care for you. Now if you don't have a ten then you can sleep in me and my daughters tent for the week."

"A week!"

The bimbo turned to Kate, her wicked smile coming to play.

"You know, I'll bet she's doing this for you. Way to ruin our trip. If your so depressed so much then why didn't you jump off the plane?"

Some of her lackeys laughed but kate didn't care. She just ignored them as kept tapping her screen with her lima green painted nails.

"That's enough Miss Erickson, or would you rather sleep outside tonight?"

"Y-you wouldn't dare!"

"Then don't bully any of my students."

She smiled at her daughter. Miss chase had been divorced for a long time, for most of her life she had been a single mom, taking care of her emo daughter. She was now 32 years old, and her age was starting to show. Her small butt sagged a few inches now a days as her crows feet were easy to spot. Even her small boobs did the same. It was admittedly true that she wanted to take her daughter some place else for them to reconnect however the principal was the one who decided on the destination. Miss Chase was surprised about it at first yet now she could see that he must have had the same problem since he spoiled his little princess.

"Ughh. Fine, Todd, would you be a dear and carry my things for me?"

A jock in a highschool jacket and jeans came next to her. He was a muscular, Caucasian male who looked more like a greaser from the 80's.

"Sure babe."

Another hand was still up.


Two men in grey dress pants and thin cotton, white collard shirt came forwards. One was kyle who had blue eyes, a blue knit cap on and short black hair. His friend, Taylor, was tan with green hair that almost covered his hazel eyes. They were both tall yet scrawny in their age Kyle was the one to ask the question, his perverted grin widening.

"Is it true that there are some smokin' hot babes her?"

The rest of the class laughed as the agriculture teacher shook her head.

"Oh for goodness sakes..."

Then out of the jungle forest came a tan, muscled man man of great height. He wore a brown, animal skinned underwear under his leaf like robe. His short black hair and beard seemed a bit scraggy from being out in the wild. He smiled.

"Well hello! You must be Miss chase I presume?"

"Oh, everyone, this is the leader of the tribal village. Thankfully his people have learned to speak english, thanks to mister..."

"You can just call me Harken. I've heard so much about you Dr. Your work on agriculture is simply impressive."

Oh great, Kate could tell that her mother was blushing. Gross...

"Oh that's too kind of you too say."

Miss Chase looked to the crowd.

"Alright everyone, please follow in a single file line. The chieftain will be showing us."

With that they started walking through the island's jungle, far away from the dirt filled air field. Several tropical flowers and wild life were seen. The village stood deep inside the island. The huts were made out of clay with straw like roofs. Several tribal men and women were seen. Some of them were half naked, even Kate saw a naked boy jumping into her pregnant mothers arms as everyone could see her juicy tits on full display. They stopped at a massive hut. The roof was made out of the remains of a would ship. The wooden walls were made of wood from the local coconut and banana tree's near by. The elder stopped to speak about his home.

"Over a long time ago this boat had came upon our shores many years. Can any of you guess where it was made from? How about you young miss?"

He pointed to the short, boney teen in a black hoodie with jeans. She pulled down her hood, showing her pale face. Her black eyeliner gave her emerald eyes a striking glow. She pulled out her earplugs.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

The middle aged man laughed, so did the class. Her mother immediately took her phone away from her daughter.


"I told you that were here to learn more about how this island maintains it's rare beauty. Please focus."

Kate blushed in annoyance as her mother looked back the elder.

"I am so sorry."

The man lifted his right hand.

"I completely understand, to be honest your daughter reminds me a lot about myself when I was a younger. Shall we continue?"


At night various tents had been set up near the town. Little did they know the world was going to change forever.

  1. We follow the story of Kate as she changes on the island.
  2. We follow the story of Kyle and Taylor.
  3. We follow the story of Todd
  4. We follow the story of Rachel.
  5. Something else.
  6. Something else.

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