The chosen one. - In the beginning.

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The chosen one. - In the beginning.

Near the shore lies a bustling village. It was the middle of the day, the market place was busy as usual. A woman cloaked in a robe came into a small, dark tent where an old gypsy cloaked in red quilts awaited. In front of her sat a purple orb surrounded by 3 etched circles in a board. The cloaked women placed a coin on the table.

"Ahh... So you wish to see your future, then I shall show you."

The orb glowed to a bright purple as the old women moved her hands around it.

Now let us see who your patron is...

  1. The mother (permanent chance of always getting pregnant from any enemy.)
  2. The moon (easier chance of gaining more weight)
  3. The slut (Permanent personality change, IQ drop)
  4. Something else.

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