The Punishment - Daphne gains 50 pounds

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The Punishment - Daphne gains 50 pounds

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"You've flaunted your fgure for too long, Daphne. Now it's time for you to look more like the kind of girl you've spent your vainity filled life making fun of."

"No please! Don't make me fat!" Daphne cried in vain.

"And we'll start with those toned legs of yours. Say hello thunder thighs."

Daphne tried to beg for mercy, but the nanites took control and all she could say was...

"Hello thunder thighs."

And with that Daphne's athletic legs were no more as they ballooned with cellulite filled fat. The chairman chuckled.

"Goodluck cheering with those thunder thighs smacking each other and rubbing together. And of course there's that butt that the boys so admire. Let's see how much they'll like you with a much more flabby ass."

Daphne's ass quickly lost all definition becoming a flabby shapeless blob that soon expanded outward to push the limits of her bikini bottoms. The two fleshy orbs of fat engulfed the already tiny bikini bottoms and her once popular buns of steel now looked like two globs of cottage cheese thanks to the cellulite that ravaged them.

"Now say goodbye abs."

Tears rolled down Daphne's cheeks as she tried to keep her mouth shut, but the nanites made her whimper.

"Goodbye, abs."

"In fact we want you to ask for this one. Go ahead ask for a big fat potbelly."

Daphne managed to fight the nanites just enough to only make a slight whisper.

"I want you to give me a big fat pot belly."


But she could not fight them for ever.


Daphne tried desperately to push back the waves of fat back into her stomach, but nothing could stop it as her growing gut soon had a matching set of love handles to match.

"That's it. Give that gut a good squeeze."

Daphne did as she was told and squeezed and jiggled her now fat and flabby stomach all the while noticing with horror that her fingers were becoming little sausages and her arms were growing equally flabby. Her boobs didn't grow, but they did begin to sag.

"And finally, that beautiful face of yours won't be so beautiful with a big doughy double chin."

Daphne's model quality face began to bloat and her delicate facial features were replaced by chubby cheeks and a thick permanently visible double chin.

"And now, Daphne..."

"Goodbye abs."

  1. Fat Daphne starts farting
  2. Fat Daphne gets incredibly hungry
  3. Fat Daphne must go to the beach to see her friends
  4. Fat Daphne is to be force fed by people she knows
  5. Fat Daphne goes to the gym
  6. Fat Daphne must go to the mall and buy humiliating clothes to wear
  7. Fat Daphne is paraded through the streets naked
  8. Something else

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