The Punishment - Daphne the Sexy Asian Cheerleader is Punished

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The Punishment - Daphne the Sexy Asian Cheerleader is Punished

Daphne Lim stared up at the counsel doing her best to make out their faces. Of course due to the fact that they were so ominously cloaked in shadow this was impossible. But the counsel could see Daphne. That was certain. In the bikini she was wearing the counsel could see every tight curve of the sexy asian's tanned body. This was the body with her perky butt, rock hard abs and generous C-cup breasts that had given Daphne her superior attitude, and that attitude is what the counsel seeks to change.

The chairman bangs his gavel startling the eighteen year old cheer captain from West Side High.

"Daphne Lim. You have been found guilty of extreme vanity. Your level of smugness toward others has been deemed detrimental to our society. Therefore as payment for your crimes of arrogance we will be taking from you what you hold so dear, your body. The nanites you have been injected with gives us total control of you. We can transform you as we please. We can force you to do what we want which includes keeping you from telling anyone you are being punished. You will be transformed and taught humility by being humiliated like you humiliated so many whom you deemed lesser than yourself. Your transformations may be numerous and will last as long as we see fit."

Daphne's normally arrogant eyes went wide with fear as she was given her first punishment.
  1. Daphne gains 50 pounds
  2. Daphne gains 100 pounds
  3. Daphne is given a tremendous appetite
  4. Daphne is given uncontrollable flatulence
  5. Daphne is punished with flatulence and BO
  6. Daphne is forced to be her school's janitor
  7. Daphne is put in diapers
  8. Something else
  9. Something else
  10. Somewhere else: Someone else is being punished

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