The universal prostitute who is related to every creature. - Race B

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The universal prostitute who is related to every creature. - Race B

Parent Chapter

Natasha signed the paper work. She did as what all her relatives told her to do. She was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. It was common knowledge that there were two ways to get inside. One way was to simply hide in the country hoping the feds wouldn't find you, another was to join the organization since they granted citizen ship to new members.

"Thanks miss Natasha. Here is your new key . I'm assuming that's all you need?"

"S-si seniorita."

With that she left to go to her new apartment.


Everything was a deep purple. The couch with the tv stand, the heart shaped bed, the small kitchen everything. She went inside the white, tiled bathroom to take a shower. She took of her black hoodie and jeans, then her white t-shirt, then her beige bra with her panties. In the mirror she saw that her black hair had reached down to her waist. Her hazel eyes scanned her olive tanned body, noticing her small breast that had stiff buds the color of rose petals. Her number 1 attraction she would say would be her ass. It was a little small she had to admit yet it was much more plump than her chest. Her cousin, Raj, called it a "moon" even though it was not nearly as big as that. Natasha went inside, puting soap in her hair. She felt like she hadn't had a good shower for most of her life until now. After her shower she put on a purple blanket. The door bell rang. Her new future was behind that door. She immediately ran to it.


  1. A wolf faunus
  2. A cat faunus
  3. An orc
  4. An elf
  5. A bunny man (faunus)
  6. A spider man
  7. A slime
  8. Fairy

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