Bimbofication - Penny (The Big Bang theory)

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Bimbofication - Penny (The Big Bang theory)

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Penny sat in her apartment. After only a week of settling in she had become very well acquainted with her neighbours, the tall creepy sheldon, and the kinda cute small one Leon or Lenard something like that. Anyway, she decided to spend her day at home watching tv unaware of the cameras that watched.

“ There she is boys, my beautiful golden prize, ripe for the picking” snivelled Lenard

“ Did she fall for the pathetic geek approach?” Asked Howard his braces chattering together.

“Crumbled like a cookie, now I just need to fire this gun at her and she’ll be mine”

“I don’t see the point in it man she’ll fall for you eventually”

“I can’t wait that long I need her now” Lenard pressed the button and a bright beam flew out towards penny unknowing.

  1. Pink beam
  2. Other beams

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