Fat land - The beginning

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Fat land - The beginning

Annabeth is a 13 year old girl with a huge appetite and she has quite a nice plump belly to show for it and she wouldn't of had it any other way.

Her parents however did not have the same view as Annabeth they have had enough with her overeating lazy style they want it to come to an end in fact tonight her Parents are going to drop a bombshell on her they will be sending her to fat camp.

Her parents walk into her room to find her sitting on her bed belly fully exposed eating some cake her parents sit down on her bed with serious looks on their faces.

" Honey we need talk."
" Sure mum what is it?" Annabeth says with cake in her mouth
Her dad pipes up " Look Annabeth I'm going to be frank with you you've gotten way to fat and we need to send to send you to fat camp."
" Honey you weigh nearly 300 pounds that's huge for anyone!"
" Your wrong I'm Fine just the way I am!"
" No Honey your not you will be going tomorrow no agreements!" Both her parents walk out of her room
Annabeth is so upset that she cries her self to sleep.
  1. Annabeth has a dream
  2. Annabeth wakes up in the morning
  3. Annabeth wakes up in the middle of the night
  4. Annabeth's mum wakes her up and she looks a bit different ÃÂ

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