The universal prostitute who is related to every creature. - Welcome.

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The universal prostitute who is related to every creature. - Welcome.

A woman comes into a darkly lit room. There are dark velvet drapes, heart shaped beds, Stripper poles, even milking machines. The winged organization was formed to insure that no rare species would go instinct. Knowing this the woman at the redwood reception desk dressed in a purple see through dress addresses the woman in front of her. "Sign here darling." The woman in jeans and a black hoodie hesitated. She saw a thin, pregnant, blond woman in twin tails who moaned out loud as the the milk machine soaked her dry. When it was over two green children appeared. A little girl and boy who had small tusks protruding from their mouths. They were orcs. As the woman got off the machine she said, " oh come her my babies." Her children sucked on her C cup breasts. The woman in the hoodie kept staring till she saw a big green male orc who immediately shoved its dick into the woman. It must of been 30 years old Yet it had no problem doing what he was doing in front of its own kids.


The woman finally snapped out of it and got back to business.
  1. May,( a white woman who always wanted a family some day.)
  2. An elf woman whose race is nearly extincted.
  3. Race A
  4. Race B
  5. Race C
  6. Race D
  7. Race E
  8. RaceF

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