Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Naruko watches Hinata compete on the TV cheering her on as she attends to her oversexed body.

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Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Naruko watches Hinata compete on the TV cheering her on as she attends to her oversexed body.

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"Yeah go Hinata you did great for that round." Naruko cheers at the TV.

The yellow Fallherm excitedly watches the games one of her rubbery long arms pumping her great big cock. Her big bouncy yellow boobs always ready to become a jiggling mess with the slightest of movements despite the weirdness of her form this is pretty fun. Jumping into the air Naruko lands on her stubby legs the shock sending her massive boobs jiggling like mad. As the jiggling calms down Naruko giggles her body is so much fun.

"This is great I wonder how everyone else is doing?" Naruko wonders while pleasuring herself.

"They are having quite a lot of fun I assure you Miss Uzamaki as a reminder your game begins in 3 hours." The voice remind Naruko.

"Thanks for the reminder these games are better than any porn or anything Pervy Sage tried to show me." Naruko responds. "Oh hey Hinata's next round is starting soon. GO HINATA!!!" She cheers pumping her cock.

* * *

Panting feeling little exhausted Hinata rests for a minute on a nearby bench. While that was nowhere near as intense as anything she's done as a shinobi with how awkward it is to move her new body and just how sensitive her massive tits are. Hinata is approached by one of the other Fallgirls or the one dressed like Ten-Ten.

"Wow Hinata great first round out there." Ten-Ten tells Hinata.

"Thanks Ten-Ten it was pretty simple game but I didn't expect it to be that intense." Hinata admits blushing not just referring to the competition.

"Yeah sometimes you get a few hours before they throw you into a game this is my 5th so far." Ten-Ten replies.

"You're 5th!?" Hinata says surprised. "Have you managed to win any of these crowns I've heard about?"

"2 or 3 while these games are fairly simple actually winning a crown can come down to the wire to get a win." Ten-Ten tells Hinata.

Feeling a little nervous about her odds to win her very first game of Ultimate Knockdown Sextravaganza she's going to give it her best shot. Lining up the Fallgirls and herms they get ready to be transported to the next game. The remaining 38 Fallgirls/herms are on a massive rolling log curious Hinata wonders what kind of game this is.

"Welcome to Round 2 the game is Roll Out watch your step or you'll be eliminated the clock starts now." The voice announces as a 2 minute countdown appears and starts ticking down.

* * *

"Alright I've got walking down my balance is so strange in this body." Tsunade says using her long rubbery arms to try and balancing herself.

Exiting her apartment Tsunade is greeted by the sight of hundreds of over Fallgirls and Fallherms all in a multitude of colors and sporting the same massive tits, bean shaped bodies, stubby legs and long rubbery arms. Some are wearing rather ridiculous outfits like a hotdog, pidgeon, or a soda can. So distracted by the other Fallgirls and herms Tsunade doesn't notice she's on a collision course with another Fallgirl.

"Oof I'm so sorry my balance is really off." The Fallgirl apologizes for colliding with Tsunade's boobs.

Recognizing the voice from the dark-blue Fallgirl. "Shizune is that you?"

"Lady Tsunade I'm so happy to see you." Shizune says jumping excitedly making her tits bounce.

A little annoyed that Shizune now has massive tits more or less the same size of hers with her yukata stretched over her tits. The material just covers her nipples while showing off a massive amount of cleavage much like her own. She briefly wonders if she can spend any of these crowns on making her tits bigger.

  1. After getting off to Hinata on the TV Naruko spends the rest of her time before her game exploring.
  2. How does Hinata do at Roll Out does she qualify or is she eliminated by one of the Fallgirls and Herms pushing her off.
  3. Tsunade has Shizune become her trolly minion so that she wins there games and earn as many crowns as possible.
  4. Sakura and Ino start there next game competing for the chance to win there next Crown.
  5. Another ninja who has won multiple crowns is brought into the market where they're tempted to buy skins that will give them an 'edge'.
  6. Something else.

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