Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Jessica Jones wakes up to a new game and a new body.

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Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Jessica Jones wakes up to a new game and a new body.

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Waking up in her new apartment Jessica has a massive headache likely from a hangover holding her head. Opening her eyes Jessic is surprised by the sight in front of her instead of her normal arm is a long dark-blue rubbery arm with 3 fingers and a thumb. Checking over her arm she bumps into her giant tits sending her massive tits into a jiggling mess.

"Shit I have tits bigger then a pornstar!" Jessica exclaim shocked.

"I see you are awake Miss Jones, you have a game in the next two hours." The voice tells Tsunade.

"Game what game? And what have you freaks done to me?" Jessica asks.

"Fallgirls/herms: Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza it's the newest and hottest gameshow to hit the multiverse and for your second question have a look." The voice replies as a mirror slides out of the walls.

Being reflected in the mirror is a large dark-blue bean mascot with gigantic tits, short stubby legs, long rubbery arms and peaking out from the eyehole in her bean costume is her brown eyes some strands of hair. Holding her giant tits in her hands she can't believe how big they are or sensitive she's fortunate her body is clothed in much bigger versions of her usual outft.

"If I play your game what do I get for winning?" Jessica asks.

"Simple win the games and you'll be rewarded with Crowns you gain enough you'll be returned home and restored to normal." The voice tells Jessic.

The word Crowns triggers something inside Jessica a hungering greed overtakes her. She will win those Crowns she's going to win all of the crowns they're going to be hers and no one else. She's going to get filthy stinking rich off these games and return home a billionaire hell she might even spruce up this apartment.

"Fine I'll play your game now I have 2 hours before my game may as well get used to moving in this body." Jessica replies taking a small step falling into a facefull of tits.

* * *

Being dropped into her first game Natasha is placed in the middle with at least 60 other Fallgirls looking around she notices a few people. In the front row she sees who she thinks is Ms. Marvel in another row is someone who might be Spider-Gwen but she isn't sure. Unfortunately before she can check in on this more the same voice comes over some speakers that are somewhere.

"Welcome to Door Dash be sure to pick the right door or lose your position and face elimination everybody ready? 3... 2... 1... GO!!!" The voice announces.

With the countdown finished the contestants make a mad dash for the finish line managing to take an early lead reaching the first door she slams into it tits first fortunately it gives way. Moaning in pleasure from the impact Natasha quickly picks herself up and moves to catch up having lost her lead. Slamming into more doors some fake but Natasha makes sure she's at least close to the front. Coming to a ridge she is pushed off onto a rubber platform to cushion there fall seeing the goal insight Natasha makes a mad dash for it. Crossing the finish line she manages to qualify for the next round.

"That was a little intense hopefully these games get easier." Natasha says massaging her giant tits hoping the other games don't require her to use her tits like that.

  1. Natasha makes it to the second round of the Fallgirls/herm Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza.
  2. Like the above but between rounds Hinata has a chance to speak with some of the other contestants.
  3. Jessica manages to get some control of her clumsy body she bumps into a simalarily changed Powergirl.
  4. A changed Hawkeye watches Natasha compete on the TV cheering her on as she attends to her oversexed body.
  5. Watching Natasha's game Carol and Diana are moderately impressed with her making it through her first round.
  6. Something else.

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