Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Black Widow joins the Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza.

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Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Black Widow joins the Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza.

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Slowly rousing herself to consciousness Natasha finds herself in a rather sparse apartment she wonders how she found herself here. The last thing she remembers was that she was on a mission with some of her fellow heroes then there was darkness and now she's here. Wherever here is moving her body feels really off pushing herself off the bed Natasha is surprised by the sight before her in the mirror. She is wearing a dark-read bean shaped outfit like that of a mascot but her massive breasts quickly dissuade her that this is far from normal. Bringing her long floppy arms in front of her she finds she can fully move them but they are rather slow and clumsy.

"I see you are awake Ms. Romanov the game shall be starting soon." A voice tells Natasha.

"What's going on here what's happened to me?" Natasha asks.

"Simple Ms. Romanov you are the newest contestant for our game simply play and win." The voice replies.

"And what do I get for winning?" Natasha asks taking a step forward unfortunately her much smaller legs cause her to fall over.

"You win the chance to return to normal Ms. Romanov and to return home." The voice tells Natasha.

Natasha pushes herself off the ground attempting to balance on her stubby little legs getting a face full of her giant breasts wasn't fun. Her door clicks open slowly waddling her way out her room Natasha is greeted by the sight of others just like her giant tits, big long floppy arms, short stubby legs, bean shaped bodies and a multitude of colors. Recognizing some of her friends from there outfits on there bean bodies and stretched over there massive tits.

"Diana, Carol it's so good to see you have you seen any of our other friends?" Natasha asks.

"Sorry Nat you're the first person I've seen besides Diana here." Carol replies.

"I might've seen Jennifer or a few others but I'm not sure with these ridiculous bodies we have now." Diana says complaining.

"That's fine well I apparently have a game to get too." Natasha waves good bye for now as she makes her way towards where she'll be brought to her very first game of Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza.

  1. Natasha is brought to the first round of her game where she meets some familiar though altered faces.
  2. Like the above but despite trying her hardest Natasha is eliminated in the first round.
  3. Awakening in a rather sparse apartment a changed hero turns on the TV to find Natasha running the Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza games.
  4. Watching Natasha leave Carol and Diana become real bitches complaining how Natasha has the audacity to speak to them without even owning a single crown.
  5. Something else.

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