Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Marvel and DC

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Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza - Marvel and DC

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A new game has come to the multiverse Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza the ultimate gameshow in platforming, skill and competitiveness. Watch as these massively busty and clumsy bean people play and compete for crowns. However an unfortunate oversight by the game-masters they do not have any players well that simply won't do fortunately the multiverse is filled with potential contestants. Of course the players can return to there respective homes for a mere cost of 1000 crowns but will they be able to gain so many crowns when there is the ever tempting cosmetics store. Every item guaranteed to provide some sort of 'edge' as well as making any Fall Girl/Herm look fabulous. Just ignore any mental alterations.

"What do you mean the wolf costume has made you into a troll that's nonsense. Now go win those crowns!"

So come enjoy and play Fall Girls/Herms Ultimate Knockout Sextravaganza!!! You might just have so much fun you'll want to become a permanent contestant.

Who from this Marvel and DC universe are the contestants going to be.

  1. Supergirl
  2. Powergirl
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Black Widow
  5. Captain Marvel
  6. Something else.

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