Into the Tebra-verse - The Tebra-verse!

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Into the Tebra-verse - The Tebra-verse!

The Monitor and the Watcher gazed over the twisted wreckage of reality with dissimilar expressions. The Monitor looked sickened. The Watcher looked fascinated.

"So much destruction. These ruined realities have been shattered and left to scar over in horrific ways." said the Monitor, as he examined the effect of reality slowly recovering. There were disorganized attempts from within to save things, but over looked as if these realities were a lost cause. "Better to scrap everything and start again."

"Wait, Monitor..." said the Watcher. "...we should watch and wait...and examine what comes about afterwards." They were each a part of the two dominant uber-realities, but there was much more than just a simple DC/Marvel conflict. Tied up into this mess were several other realms with little to no connection to either side. The Watcher was an observer of all reality, and the Monitor an 'editor' of the herd - culling certain beings and events from a healthy reality if they were deemed too dangerous.

Every instinct in the Monitor's bones told him to 'edit' this mess. But...he had to confess that he was interested. He'd never allowed such damaged realities to continue before, and the Watcher had broadly hinted that that was a weakness...not a strength. Without knowledge of what those supposedly 'crippled' realities would have evolved into, he couldn't truly say he'd done the right thing. The Watchers logic...troubled the Monitor.

"Fine, then..." grumbled the Monitor. "...we'll sit back and watch what these damaged realities become."
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