The What If Machine - The What If Machine...

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The What If Machine - The What If Machine...

Hey folks... this story is heavily inspired by an idea by Bobo the Hobo over on Feel free to check out some of his interactive stories there... there are some entertaining ones.

The way this is intended to work... key word "intended"... is that there is a board game called the What If Machine. By asking a simple What If question, the monitor on the game will show how things would have turned out. Pretty simple concept actually. I think a lot of fun possibilities can be had from it.

So? Who finds the game?
  1. A Single Mother
  2. A Single Father
  3. A College Student
  4. A Star Athlete
  5. A Nurse
  6. A Teacher
  7. A Politician
  8. A Grocery Store Worker
  9. A Homeless Person
  10. Other Options

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