Becoming who you hate. - The begining.

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Becoming who you hate. - The begining.

"I rule this place" Eric said over his shoulder to his friend's as the walked down the hall to class. They rolled their eye's and ignoring yet another ego trip from their teammate. "I mean you guys would be fuck'd if I wasn't on the team, what would you do without me?" He started laughing to himself. "You wouldn't win a game". One the group looked at their phone, "Shit it's half past we'd better head to class". Eric started down the hall away from the group, "Later pussies". When Eric was out of ear shot they finally spoke,

"God damn what a douche bag"

"Yeah I know, you'd swear he was playing in the NF fucking L not High school football"

"He thinks his going to be drafted after college you know"

"Seriously! Talk about a delusional fucker, his not even the best on the team and what college does he think his going too?"

"Fuck him, he'll probably end up one of those fat fuck's that's always going on about how great he was at High school football"

"Yeah" the group started to laugh and head in to class.
  1. Eric run's into a fat girl in the hall.
  2. Eric make fun of a fat girl during class.
  3. After class Eric goes to the mall.
  4. Something else.

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