Waiting on Zoe - The Meetcute

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Waiting on Zoe - The Meetcute

Zoe was 25 years old, 5'6, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a trim figure at 115 pounds, not that she was vain, she used the gym but she enjoyed being lazy as well. She just lucked into good jeans. Zoe was a foodie and loved trying new things. The restaurant downtown had recently changed and became a burger joint, so Zoe planned to try it out. The hostess brought her to her table and lost herself looking at the huge menu, she heard a cute voice ask, "Hey sugar, can I get you something to drink while you read?" As Zoe looked up she saw....
  1. A skinny waitress
  2. A pudgy waitress
  3. A chubby waitress
  4. A fat waitress

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