The Asylum - Introduction

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The Asylum - Introduction

The Asylum, a large Gothic manor that overlooks the sea somewhere in England. The building is older then records, no one is sure when the Asylum was built, or who founded it, they just know it was always here. It is a place for the insane, the depraved, perverted, and the unwanted. Not all who are forced to come here are insane, but one thing is certain... They soon will be.

The inmates, the Doctors, the nurses and the staff all live inside the asylum, the building itself wants you to stay, wants you to fall into its power, it wants you, needs you, you are everything to it, it will alter your mind, bring you pleasures you have never felt before... or it will bring you pain. It eats away at your mind until you have no sense of self anymore until there is nothing left but madness and obsession. The Asylum determines the fate of all those within her, she will have you.

(Inspired by an adventure story on CHYOA.)

  1. Patient number 1060, Diana Prince
  2. Patient number 6618 Emma Frost
  3. Patient number 4598 Susan Storm
  4. Patient number 2170 Raven
  5. Patient number 9921 Jean Grey
  6. Patient number 7198 Dinah Lance
  7. Patient number 3266 Billie Eilish
  8. Patient number 7965 Nicki Minaj
  9. Patient number 1260 Kim Kardashian
  10. Someone else.

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