Discount Companion - One Lonely Person

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Discount Companion - One Lonely Person

The year is 2079, America is mostly the same, in spite of the technology boom in the last 30 years. With anti-gravitational propulsion a reality, most vehicles became outdated and outclassed. With medical advances, people now enjoyed easily attained 130 year live spans. Cancer was even cured. Then there was Artificial Intelligence, it had advanced far enough that some people had difficulty finding the difference. For all these changes though, there was still poverty and political division.

Stepping off the hovervator, a person was coming up to their apartment. It was cheap and needed some attention. Scanning their eye, the door opened up. The sole occupant entered. Putting their backpack on the counter, they headed over to their fridge. After some rummaging, they pulled out a bottle of vodka and a soda. Mixing the two resulted in a boozy treat. After a long day at work, they needed it. The occupant was....
  1. Strait Man
  2. Strait Woman
  3. Homosexual Man
  4. Homosexual Woman
  5. Other Options

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