Disney Elseworlds - Aladdin

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Disney Elseworlds - Aladdin

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Ah... Aladdin. One my favorites. Lots of potential with this one....

  1. A world where a different "diamond in the rough" was recruited. (New Protagonist)
  2. A world where Jazmine got the lamp.
  3. A world where Aladdin uses the lamp to change Jazmine instead of himself.
  4. A world where Aladdin sets the Genie free... but it turns out the Genie is evil!
  5. A world where Jafar gets the lamp... leaving Aladdin in the cave of wonders.
  6. Role Reversal! Good Jafar, Evil Aladdin, and slutty power-hungry Jazmine.
  7. A world where the Sultan got the lamp.
  8. Other Options.

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