Disney Elseworlds - Mulan

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Disney Elseworlds - Mulan

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Just my ideas... go crazy folks!

  1. A world where Mulan fell in love with Chien-Po instead of Shang. She becomes his massively obese wife.
  2. A world where Mulan never joined the Army. She's now a thief in a Hun-ruled China.
  3. A world where Mushu got Shang and Mulan to break up by making Mulan ugly. (Mulan II)
  4. A world where Mulan betrayed China... becoming a powerful Hun Warlord.
  5. A world where Mulan decided to stay at the royal palace... becoming a spoiled advisor to the Emperor.
  6. A world where Mulan is a lesbian.
  7. A world where Mulan was a slut sleeping with all the guys in the army.
  8. Other Options.

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