Single mom stories - The Family description

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Single mom stories - The Family description

Karen - The mother, 43 years old, 5ÃÂ5 and 180 pounds. Was quite attractive in her youth, now has aged and put on weight, could be considered a mild by some. Short brown hair, carries majority of weight in her belly, hips and butt. Double D size boobs. Good mother to her kids and generally has a nice personality

Jessica- The eldest, 17 years old, 5ÃÂ7 and 120 pounds. Beautiful popular girl, Cheerleader and recently broke up with captain of the football team. D cup breasts. Tight curves. Argues with mom due to Jessicas poor behaviour and partying. Rude and stuck up but a nice person deep down.

James- The middle child, 16 years old, 5ÃÂ11 and well built. Brown hair. The most well adjusted of Karens children, is a nice guy who rarely argues with family members. Semi popular and athletic but really sticks to his own friend group.

Janie- The youngest. 13 years old, 5ÃÂ3 and skinny. Short chopped blonde hair, mom wouldnt let her dye it. Punk rocker/rebel. Not very popular but has close friends. Thinks Karen and Jessica are fascists, secretly looks up to James,

What happens to them?
  1. Karen and Jessica argue
  2. Karen and James argue
  3. Karen and Janie argue
  4. Janie and Jessica argue
  5. Jessica steals some of her moms clothes
  6. The family are visited by a stranger
  7. The family are placed into witness protection
  8. Karen puts her kids on a strange diet
  9. Something else

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