Amulet of Slobesity - Hinata

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Amulet of Slobesity - Hinata

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Relaxing at home we find Hinata Hyuuga getting ready for her next date with Naruto. Wondering what they're going to do on this date her thoughts are brought out by a knocking at her door. Getting up Hinata sees who it is to see Ko with a package for her.

"Greetings Hinata-sama a package has arrived for you." Ko says handing Hinata the gift.

"Oh thank you Ko." Hinata replies.

Opening the package Hinata sees that it's an obsidian amulet designed to look like the face of a grinning pig. While not her stylr she does admit it is rather cute and Naruto must've put a lot of effort into purchasing this for her. Slipping it on around her neck a feeling of lethargy and hunger overtake her. Yawning loudly Hinata leaves her mouth hanging open allowing some drool to drip down her chin and onto her clothes.

"Oh my why do I feel so tired perhaps a small nap will do me some good?" Hinata asks herself.

Lying down for a couple of hours the amulet goes to work on changing Hinata's body, while it can't make her as fat as it would like it's a start. Hinata now a few pounds heavier has the appearance of someone who's out of shape. Slowly getting up Hinata feels even more tired then she was from her nap. Scratching her hair a number of knots and tangles appear, stepping out of her room she's greeted by the sight of her sister.

"Oh hello Hanabi, what are you up to?" Hinata asks.

"Not much you heading out for your date." Hanabi replies.

"Yup." Hinata says rustling her sister's hair.

Unaware to the pair the eyes on Hinata's amulet glow as it's magic spreads to Hanabi. The younger sister feels a build up of gass in her belly as she belches loudly. Both laughing it off they head in different directions Hinata to her date with Naruto and Hanabi to get food she's feeling oddly hungry.

  1. Hinata meets up with Naruto for there date as Hinata unkowingly spreads her new slobby ways to Naruto.
  2. Hanabi stuffs her greedy belly to the brim as she begins her path to slobdom.
  3. On her way to her date Hinata meets someone along the way and spreads her slob to them.
  4. Another person in the village receives an Amulet of Slobesity.
  5. Something else.

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