Jean and Emma - Superhero married to a Super Villain

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Jean and Emma - Superhero married to a Super Villain

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Every 5 years, since 1965, The Justice Avengers and The Sinister Legion meet at a summit in Westchester County to update The Code of Conduct.

Rules Superheroes and Villains follow to make sure things don't go too far.

The first signing was in 1965 after Super America and The Green Joker nearly destroyed New York City in the Banana Cream Pie Battle of Manhattan.

Since then, it's been the greatest example of diplomacy the world has ever thing... however, with that doesn't mean it's perfect.

"I'm not letting signing Article 69." A Middle Aged Redhead, wearing only a green bra and a pair of very tight granny panties, muffin top riddled with stretch marks, wide hips sitting on a hotel mattress with a blonde head on her lap.

"Come on, Jeannie." Her wife of 25 years and nemesis of 30 pouts. "It's a good deal!"

"It's a slippery slope. We can't let supervillains show up at banks... topless." World Council Director Jean Grey crosses her arms. She thought it was indecent, immoral, and, well, the thought of a twenty-something showing off her bouncy, firm breasts made her jealous. Especially if Emma Frost was involved!

"It's harmless fun!" Emma, 6th Chair of Hellfire Assembly, whines. "What's the big deal?!"

Jean starts to huff.

"Do you really want to seem some topless young hussy that bad?"

Emma sighs.


"No, be direct. We've been married how long? We have how many kids? Be honest, you're bored with me, are you?"

Emma slowly lifts her head, her Turkey Neck jiggling left to right, slowly, with age spooked hands, placing a set of bland framed glasses on her crow's feet riddled face.

"Are... are you seriously playing the jealous card?"

Jean starts to pout, avoiding eye contact. Emma can't help but laugh.

"Baby, I swear, I was just looking out for my girls. Why should we have say what they do with their bodies?"

"If Celeste, Phoebe, or Esme even think about doing that..."

Emma laughs.

"Okay, okay, I get it." Emma smiles. "Takeaway here, you do know I could never, ever get bored with you. Right?"

  1. "Prove it." Jean demands.
  2. "Just get dressed, you big meanie, or we'll be late!"
  3. Something else

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