Jean and Emma - Neanderthal

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Jean and Emma - Neanderthal

Parent Chapter

In a world without mutants, there's an entirely different gene which separates a small minority of the world with the rest of mankind. A gene passed down throughout countless generations, when active, granting the individual great power.

And that gene is called The Neanderthal Gene.

Red Hair, pale skin, and green eyes. These are characteristics we theorized were key, distinct features of Homo Neanderthal.

A common theory was that our ancestors, Cro-Magnon, wiped out the Neanderthal thousands of years ago in a territory war.

Recent evidence, however, argues that the two races of hominid, either instead of conflict, or, in tandem, interbred.

"Which is why Neanderthals are back." A short and stalky man with red hair, smoking a cigar, explains in a coffee shop, as best he could, to a nervous woman of 26.

"That... that doesn't explain my... problem." Jean Grey whispers softly.

"Ya mean the penis?!" Logan shouts loudly. Jean quickly shushes the man with no inside voice or filter.

"I've been around awhile, Darlin. Thing is, we Neanderthal have a third gender."

"... Seriously?"

Logan nods while taking a sip of his coffee.

"It was apparently a survival strategy we had back in the day." Logan shrugs. "I ain't a scientist, I don't know the details or nothing."

Jean sighs. She was suppose to start a new life in a new town, with a new job. She suppose to be married by the end of the year. But with her super strength, agility, added height and... the mew bulge I'm her tights.

"Is there any way to fix it?"

"Fix what? Sorry, darlin, but you ain't broke!"

Maybe it was the new animalistic instincts, but, she wanted to scream like a gorilla!

"Best I can do is take ya to Darwin Island." Logan smiles. "Lots of girls there that love a girl like... you." Logan chuckles.


  1. Accepts the offer.
  2. Would rather risk living amongst humans... even if she's a Futa.
  3. Gets very ape like crazy
  4. Something else

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