The Magic Pen - The magic pen finds a new user

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The Magic Pen - The magic pen finds a new user

Drifting through the dark and infinite cosmos, a powerful being is dying. He is an ancient cosmic demon god, his name is no longer important, what is important right now at least to him is to make sure his power does not fade away. What is his power I hear you ask? Why it is the power to change reality however he sees fit, he finally has reached the end of his seemingly infinte life and in it he caused great amounts of chaos with his power and he still wants to spread chaos.

He reaches his destination, after drifting for what seemed like eons he reached the planet Terra, or as we would call it Earth. He had always heard of this small planet, its inhabitants are what intrigued him though. He was impressed by humans, extremely primitive compared to the rest of the cosmos but, they cause so much chaos, this place is where he will store his power. The inhabitants of earth can't see him as he slowly makes his way to a small craft store, why you ask? He had heard of a tool that could spread more chaos than any weapon, a pen. This simple writing tool will be the vessel for his power. He waits for every human minus who he figured was the owner of this establishment to leave, when he and the owner were the only ones he reaveled himself.

The owner froze in her tracks, she wanted to scream but finds she can't. She watches as this, this demon in her store grabs a black and gold ballpoint from one of her displays. She wasn't going to say he needed to pay for it, in fear of what he'd do to her. He stared intently at the pen, eyes now glowing green as did the pen, transferring every last bit of his power into it, slumping to the floor afterwards. The owner was still frozen in fear, now an emaciated demon sits slumped on her floor, clutching one of her pens. She jumps as his head lifts up with a sickening crack, as does the rest of his body as he stands up and walks out of the store, concealing himself again carrying the pen. He now is truly dying, before he goes and becomes one with the cosmos he finds a public park and sets the pen down on a bench, he observes the patrons of the park, he smiles for the last time as his body turns to dust and speaks his last words, "So much chaos to spread, a shame I won't be here to see it." with that he faded into non-existence.

We look to the people in the park and see potential users of the pen, a vain and self centered highschool cheerleader, a 30 something pervert who has so many lewd thoughts and an over active imagination, a 20 something guy looking for love, a bratty teen and her mother, and finally a young highschool girl coming to the park after being bullied. Now who shall find the pen and start spreading some chaos in there own ways?
  1. The cheerleader, Melissa Perkins the bitchy, vain and self-centered cheer captain.
  2. The Pervert, Quenton Jacobs who looks at all the beautiful women in the park and is getting turned on by his lewd fantasies.
  3. The Lover, Daniel O'Riley coming to the park to forget the harsh rejection he just suffered.
  4. The Mom & Daughter, Jessica and Gina Ramirez who are arguing right now on why they came here.
  5. The Girl, Lena Petrovski the new girl at her highschool coming to the park slightly crying as she was bullied ruthlessly today.
  6. Someone Else.
  7. Someone Else.

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