Cursed Kate - Start of the Revenge

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Cursed Kate - Start of the Revenge

Robert Reynolds wasn't exactly the most attractive young man. He was built rather large indeed, around 230 pounds, and pure fat. Not from any form of glandular disease or anything, just pure laziness and overeating. And he was a total messy slob, with virtually no motivation or ambition. He wasn't even a particularly nice guy. Hardly a catch at all. But yet he'd still thought he had a chance with a hot young woman he used to know from school. No such luck, and he'd been crushed by it. But he'd get her back! The gem he'd received not so long ago had some very potent powers, and he knew just how to use them!

Meanwhile Kate Upton, the gorgeous, blonde 21-year old swimsuit model and actress, was fast asleep in bed. Until the alarm went off. And then, she yawned, smiled at the sunny day outside, and arose from bed. Her body was absolutely stunning, and she took a few moments to admire that, gazing too with pleasure at her beautiful face. Ah, what did the day have in store for her?
  1. A trip to the beach?
  2. Or a photoshoot?
  3. Or maybe Kate's got some shoots for a new movie she's starring in?
  4. Robert decides to visit Kate personally in her house.
  5. Something else.

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