Strangly Magical Expansion - Taller

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Strangly Magical Expansion - Taller

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Mio was thinking that a few inches wouldn't be so bad, definitely distinguish herself from her sister at the very least. She then realized that her feet that usually dangled a few inches from the floor were touching the floor. She was shocked, so much that she jolted up to her feet and realized the room looked a lot smaller than before. Ashly stared up at her in shock realizing how much Mio towered over her, even though she was on the couch she was surprised to see Mio look almost a half foot taller than usual she did not under stand what was happening was it her imagination or was Mio growing, she then saw it Mio's knees which usually hit at the couches cushion was well over 3 inches above them. Mio in the excitement wished for another thing. The thing she wished was...

  1. To countinue getting taller
  2. For Ashly to get shorter
  3. Something Else
  4. Something Else
  5. Something Else

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