Strangly Magical Expansion - The dicovery

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Strangly Magical Expansion - The dicovery

Mio and her sister Ashly are watching television in their old 17th century home in California. They were watching old reruns of Jeopardy when a commercial comes on TV talked about how if you're not satisfied with your body plastic surgery is always an option. Mio looks down at her average physique at 5'4 and 130 pounds with b cup breasts wishing to be different in any way to her twin sister who is the same in almost everyway but has burnet hair and brown eyes than Mio's blond hair and green eyes. Both of the age of 16 wish to be different from each other than the two small differences. Mio wishes if she could be different fromher sister she would be...
  1. Bigger breasts
  2. Taller
  3. Weight gain
  4. Bigger butt and thighs
  5. Hourglass

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