Elseworlds - Weight Gain

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Elseworlds - Weight Gain

Parent Chapter

Weight Gain stories set in different realities.

  1. Catwoman - A world where Selina Kyle married Bruce Wayne and became an obese, wealthy socialite.
  2. Power Girl - A world where Power Girl was exposed to a unique form of Kryptonite that causes weight gain.
  3. Starfire - A world where KoriandÃÂr never met the Titans, but did get work at a pizza place.
  4. The Flash - A world where Gorilla Grodd tried an old plan again on the Scarlet Speedster.
  5. Superman - A world where an old foe returns and introduces a weight gain formula to the Metropolis milk supply.
  6. Batman - A world where Batman was trained by Sumo Wrestling.
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  8. Villains

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