X-Men All-Girl Biker Gang - Jean Gray sees the motorcycle of her dreams

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X-Men All-Girl Biker Gang - Jean Gray sees the motorcycle of her dreams

Jean Gray found herself in a bar where she got down to some heavy drinking. She'd caught Scott cheating on her with Emma Frost, and she just got the hell out of the mansion. What a total asshole! Part of her wanted to leap into Wolverine's bed to show Scott a lesson, but Logan was being an asshole too. As she downed another drunk, Jean felt so fed-up with men. They were all assholes. Cheating, selfish bastards that didn't give a fuck about her. Then she noticed someone had parked a large motorcycle outside the bar. For some reason, Jean couldn't take her eyes off it. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She imagined herself leaping on top of it, riding away, not giving a shit about anything. Jean imagined herself at the head of a whole team of motorcycles, a whole gang of bad-ass biker bitches. No men -- to hell with men! Just a bunch of hot bitches having fun, going crazy, fucking-up anything that was giving them shit. And clinging to the backs of the bikes would be their sluts, weak feminine women dedicated to pleasing their bulldyke biker goddesses. No men in sight. Jean moaned. What a fucking hot fantasy!
  1. Jean continues to fantasize
  2. She seduces a woman at the bar
  3. She heads back to the X-Mansion, and tries to act normal, despite her new fantasy
  4. She roars off in her motorcycle to recruit the first woman to her biker gang
  5. Something else

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