Magic Pen - The Magic Pen

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Magic Pen - The Magic Pen

Magic Pen: Hello, looks like you're my owner at the moment. Thanks for using me! It's nice being able to communicate, even if it's just ink squiggled on white paper! Hah Hah Hah! Anyways, My name use to be Jay Patel. Long story how I became a pen, involves Vincent Van Gogh, if you'd believe it! Hah! But yeah, I'm a magical pen now... It often sucks! Alright, we're done with my introduction, sorry for rambling a bit, who are you?
  1. Trisha Smith. Age 18, an English Major
  2. Laura Miller. Age 25, an office worker
  3. Stephanie Johnson. Age 36. Mother of 3, Gym Teacher at her kids school
  4. Another real life person
  5. Jean Grey
  6. Emma Frost
  7. Natasha Romanoff
  8. Diana Prince
  9. Kara Danvers
  10. Another superhero

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