Musclebound Lois Lane - Lois wakens to some changes

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Musclebound Lois Lane - Lois wakens to some changes

Lois Lane slowly opened her eyes in bed. She felt good, really good. She was filled with so much energy and felt much better than she had for a long, long time.

She sighed and stretched. Something was different. Something was new. What was it? Whatever it was -- she liked it.

She yanked open the drapes and grinned as the sunlight came in. It felt so wonderful. She wanted to bask in it.

Then she glanced down at herself, and her eyes went wide!

Her body was huge! A huge mountain of rippling, powerful muscles. She looked like some body-builder, some superheroine! Her muscles were like Wonder Woman's. No, they were much bigger! Bigger than even Power Girl's! And her new breasts were pretty impressive too!

And between her legs -- she gaped in shock as she stared at the huge throbbing penis and giant balls that had replaced her vagina.


She turned and looked at the short, thin, delicate figure that was rubbing his eyes in bed. It was Clark Kent, but he had shrunk so much! He was now much smaller than her, smaller and weaker.

Lois licked her lips. Clark was so cute!
  1. Lois has her fun with Clark
  2. She takes it slow
  3. She realizes something is wrong
  4. Something else

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