X-Traits - Where to start?

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X-Traits - Where to start?

Hmm... How about...
  1. Jean Grey is Artistic
  2. Kitty Pryde is Athletic
  3. Tony Stark is Feminine
  4. Emma Frost is Gluttonous
  5. Logan is Girly
  6. Jean Grey is Pompous
  7. Emma Frost is Spiritual
  8. Jean Grey is Masculine
  9. Emma Frost is Slutty
  10. Charles Xavier is Slutty
  11. Magneto is Slutty
  12. Captain America is Slutty
  13. Emma Frost is Creative
  14. Emma Frost is Shy
  15. Emma Frost is masculine
  16. Emma Frost is nerdy
  17. Emma Frost is submissive
  18. Jean Grey is submissive
  19. Jean Grey is Athletic
  20. Something else

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