The Lydia Berlusconi Show - Meet Lydia

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The Lydia Berlusconi Show - Meet Lydia

Somewhere in Los Angeles, the crew down at Studio 666 was getting ready to start their next program. They had just finished up their 7:00 game show, China Shop. As they were wrapping things up, the producer, Petra Frost, was rushing to meet the next show she had to do. Why she had to produce two shows so close together was beyond her belief. Ducking and weaving, the young producer rushed down the hall in order to make it. At last she reached her destination.

Going in, she was greeted by the familiar sight of the white and red set for The Lydia Berlusconi Show. Lydia could be a difficult star to work with. You would think a comedian turned talk show host would be easy to get along with, but that was not true at all. Behind the set, Lydia sat as she got her last touch up before going on. The makeup artist looked for a shade to match her golden honey skin. Clad in her signature white pantsuit, Lydia watched as Petra blundered back stage.

“What took you so long P?” Lydia asked as she got her final touch up.

“China Shop took a little longer than I was hoping. A lot of broken chinaware.” As Petra finished, she noticed Lydia was sticking her hand out.

“What?” Petra asked in confusion as she adjusted her glasses.

“Did you not get my coffee? I sent you a text.”

“I did not sorry.”

“Fine, I will just have to be a professional and work without my coffee tonight.”

Standing up, Lydia was a goddess compared to Petra. Thanks to family genetics, Petra was stuck with a short stocky stature, particularly in the hips and thigh department. Lydia meanwhile was lucky to have a mix of Italian and Indian heritage. This gave her a dark exotic look. She also had some good curves as well. Not as cartoonish as her producer.

“So, who are the guests tonight?” Lydia asked as she and her producer made her way to the entry curtain.

“Ricky Carlyle, Silvia Chang, and Jackie DeWitt.” Petra quickly listed off.

Soon enough, peppy music started to swell, an audience began to clap, and the announcer began his introductions.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, live from Studio 666, its America’s favorite show! And now, America’s favorite host, Lydia Berlusconi!!”

One fluid motion from behind the curtain later, Lydia danced her way out onto the stage. The audience only clapped louder. Clicking her heels on the hard floor and clapping, Lydia smiled brightly as she waited for the clapping to calm down.

“Hello everyone! Glad you could come over tonight. We got a show tonight, I’ll say that. Ricky Carlyle... Silvia Chang... and Jackie DeWitt!!” With each name, the applause only intensified. Petra stayed backstage, in her production chair keeping everything on time.
  1. Show goes well.
  2. Show goes horribly.
  3. Show ends. Lydia has a chat with Petra.
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