SHAZAM! Transformation - What does he transform into?

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SHAZAM! Transformation - What does he transform into?

Billy Batson was minding his own business, playing video games like a normal . He could hear his sister Mary listening to music in the next room. They were not what you would call normal 14 year olds though, in fact they both had their own alter egos. When he Shouted the word SHAZAM! Billy transformed into an adult version of himself with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

If his sister shouted the same word, she would transform into Mary Marvel, a superheroic version of herself. Billy thought it was stupid that her superhero name had her actual name in it, whilst she said it was unoriginal to call himself SHAZAM!

Just then Mary saw on the news, Black Adam! He was in Fawcett City! Throwing cars around, causing chaos. According to the news report he was looking for Shazam!.

/Billy!/ Mary shouted /we have to get downtown, Black Adam is attacking/

/finally/ billy said/ something to do/

/SHAZAM!/ Mary shouted, lighting coming down transforming her into her alter ego.

/hurry up Billy, heÃÂs destroying the city/ Mary said

/SHAZAM!/ Billy shouted
  1. He transforms into a MILF version of Shazam
  2. He transforms into a Bimbo version of Shazam
  3. He transforms into a obese grandma version of Shazam
  4. He transforms into a soccer mom version of Shazam
  5. More choices

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