Sophie Turner's Career Path - Sophie Turner's Career Path

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Sophie Turner's Career Path - Sophie Turner's Career Path

Sophie was pissed. Really really angry. After Game of Thrones had finished one would have thought that everyone wanted the young attractive actress to star in their films and tv shows. Unfortunately that had not been the case for Sophie. It had been 6 months since the massive tv show series ended and she had had no calls from her agent about potential new roles she might do. Her "friend"Maisie Williams had received numerous roles and was seen to be pulling far far ahead in terms of popularity. Some annoying tabloids had had the audacity to point this out occasionally.

Sophie marched her way into her agent's office, a small thin man called Mr Viridian. He sat at his desk, fiddling with his green tie nervously as Sophie slammed the door and sat down looking grumpy.

"What the hell! It's been half a year and you haven't given me any roles! What am I paying you for if I can't get some damned acting roles!?" She spat at him.

Mr Viridian paled and began to reply "I'm so sorry Ms Turner, I've been searching but really no-one is that interested... They see you as a bit too 'mainstream' and want a more niche actress.. Like your co-worker Maisie.."

Sophie's face was a mask of rage "I don't give a damn what Maisie is and why people like her! Fine, if the industry want niche I'll give them niche! Get some offers, call me and show them to me and I guarantee I'll be able to adapt to the role!"

She then stormed out without another word.

Her agent mopped his brow.

"Well it seems I have some calls to make..."
  1. Her agent finds an erotic movie for her to star in (Slut tf)
  2. A new english mockumentary about chav's living in London is looking for actors (Chav tf)
  3. A "food scientist" wants to make a fit to fat to fit film about the dangers of excessive weight gain (Weight Gain)
  4. The biography about a recently deceased multi-billionaire is being produced and needs someone to play his gold digger wife (Gold Digger tf)
  5. The Jersey Shore is looking for British actors to star in an international season of the Jersey Shore (Jersification)
  6. Something Else

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