Marvel's Batman - Intro

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Marvel's Batman - Intro

Bruce Wayne had a rough night. It started with a benefit dinner for The Underprivileged Youths of Gotham and ended after shattering the jaw of a young man that stole a flatscreen as the caped crusader, Batman. After getting in bed around three, Bruce wakes up at seven in the morning to find himself...
  1. In a dormitory at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters
  2. In the break room at the Hellfire Club
  3. In a small apartment in M-Town
  4. In a bunk on the helicarrier
  5. In an office in Hell's Kitchen
  6. At Stark's Tower
  7. At the Future Foundation
  8. On Asgard
  9. In Midtown
  10. In Salem Center
  11. On the S.W.O.R.D Space Station
  12. On Genosha
  13. On Utopia
  14. Something else
  15. Something else

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