The magic stone - Four friends hanging out

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The magic stone - Four friends hanging out

It's the middle of one of the hottest and laziest summer days in the northeast. Four friends from the local high school were out and about making most of the precious freedom they have left. The thought of going back to school left a sour taste in their mouths.

Eric, James, Kelly, and Sean have been friends since there very first day back freshman year. Now going to become seniors this year, the group of friends has never been this close to each other until this summer.

Eric was the oldest among the four, he just turned 18 this May and takes every chance to remind everyone of it. James was quiet, didn't like to be bothered too much except when it came to Kelly. Kelly was the tomboy of the group, always wants to be first at everything. Sean was the straight man of the whole lot he didn't like to "rock the boat" unless needed to be.

Eric had the idea today that the four of them should go out to the woods nearby and go for a little adventure. He got bored of movies and video games and figured a day out in fresh air would recharge him. He called his friends and told them where they can meet up with him.

As Eric was making his way to meet with his friends something glimmered out of the corner of his eye. Covered in a pile of dirt, just outside his house near the street, there was a flickering of the light. Eric got closer to it to get a better look, what he found was a very smooth and shiny looking stone.

He was not sure but something was telling him to take the stone with him. An unknown force telling he has to keep it safe and the only way was to free it from the Dirt Pile it was in and giving a new home in his left front pocket.

The rest of the day was filled with laughter and many good memories they soon will not forget. It was late afternoon and the twilight hour was drawing near. The gang decided it was best to go, but they didn't want to go back to their homes the night was young.

"Summer is almost gone," Kelly stated to the group as a whole. "Next thing you'll know we'll be in school for our final year." She continued.

"I can't wait, I want to get this last year of high school done and over with," Eric replied while staring off into the distance

While all that was happening at the same time the odd shiny Stone inside Eric's pocket began to glow. Unbeknownst to them, the stone contains magical properties. It changes reality once it hears nearby desires. Eric talks about how he wanted high school to be already over happen to be one of them.

The stone is a very powerful artifact that once was the most sought after object this planet has ever had. The ability to change reality in the power of your palms, but with a twist. The changes are slow and progress gradually until the subject has completely transformed. What makes it dangerous is that the changes happen without the subject's knowledge.

The stone began to pulse in Eric's pocket. Faster and faster-changing colors as well until it stopped. When it stopped reality changed.......

  1. Reality has changed so now that all four friends are enjoying the last summer before college
  2. Something else
  3. Something else
  4. Something else

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