The Phoenix Reborn - The Joker

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The Phoenix Reborn - The Joker

Parent Chapter

At Arkham Asylum, a middle aged woman, bottom heavy with dyed green locks, sits at a table with a curvy blonde, sporting a muffin top, wearing thick black glasses with a bob cut, cutting up a microwave dinner for her date as she watches the tv bolted up high by the exit.

It was the Justice Avenger's Base on the Moon.

In the Center, Super America. AKA, Clark Rogers. A biologically 24 year old WWII soldier with alien blood infused into his bloodstream.

To his left, second in command, The Wonder Wasp. AKA, Janet Prince. A Spunky Brunette blessed by the Goddess Hera with super strength, flight, and the ability to shrink.

To his right, Iron Lantern. AKA, John Stark. An Alien Refugee, Scientist, and last living member of the destroyed Iron Lantern Corps.

To Janet's left, Aqua Panther. Leader of the Underwater African City of Wakanda. A Fierce Warrior, a mariner of the deep, and a man of justice, strength, and honor.

And to John's right, Marvel Bat. AKA, Rachel Frost. A Telepathic, Telekinetic Crime Fighter.

"She's definitely inherited my hips, huh?!" Jean Grey, The Infamous Joker, laughs menacingly as her date slides the tray her way with a plastic spork atop the buttered mashed potatoes.

Jean pouts, looking at her meal like a picky child.

"What's the problem?" Emma asks, eating her meal, a Caesar Salad with a glass of wine.

"I wanted ribs... the chicken tenders are gross."

Emma sighs. When she called Jean this morning at the super market, Jean repeatedly said she wanted chicken tenders!

"You realize this doesn't have to be a conjugal visit, right?

Immediately, Jean starts eating her meal.

Emma laughs.


"I don't know which one of us is crazier. The Serial Killer Clown or the woman who her loves her?!"

Jean wipes the grease of her chin with a thin napkin, taking a sip of her water.

"Well, I'm at least I like David Bowie."

"Liking David Bowie doesn't make you any less crazier than me!" Emma shakes her head.

"I think a lotta people would disagree, Emmy-Bear!" Jean cackles loudly.

Emma sighs.

When they were 20. Life was good, they were happy, they had a kid, a nice little apartment, nice jobs, and lots of love.

But life In West Gotham got crazy, Fast.

Before they knew it, everything went south and, somehow, Jean found herself a psychopathic mob moss and Emma found herself an honest to good Superhero.

But the truth was, Jean was just trying to make the world pay for what it did to her, Emma, and their precious daughter and Emma was just trying to get her wife back.

25 years later, after years of insanity, things are finally getting back in that direction.

"You know... I could stay under house arrest." Jean wiggles her brows.

Emma smiles.

"You know damn well I'd carry your fat butt home if I called the shots on this." Emma licks her lips, thinking about lifting that enormous booty!

"But I can't."

"I know, Emmy-Bear." Jean says in a agreeable tone. "Couldn't hurt to suggest it though, right?"

Emma laughs.


  1. "Our anniversary is next week. You'll get a one day pass. Anywhere in particular you'd like to go?"
  2. "It's Rachel is getting married. If you ask nicely, she might let you come to Wedding. Want to give it a try?"
  3. "The Original Justice Avengers are having a reunion party next week. You can come as my date... but you have to behave!"
  4. Something else

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