The Phoenix Reborn - Game of Thrones

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The Phoenix Reborn - Game of Thrones

Parent Chapter

Professor Jean Grey has a pretty nice life, all things considered.

She's 25 with a beautiful wife, a five year old daughter, and a great job at The Queendom of Xavier's Magical Academy.

Once known far and wide as the Phoenix Witch, there were very few Magical Knights that equal her power. But, it's been a good five years since Jean's been a part of the Queendom's military. After her wife, Emma Frost, had their child, Phoebe, Jean has retired her Flaming Blade and taken the roles as Mom,Wife, and Teacher very, very seriously.

It's a comfortable life, in a nice little townhouse in the Metropolitan City of Xavier. The commute to work is perfect, her relationship with Emma, bumpy at times but normal, is amazing both as a partner and lover, she couldn't have asked for anything else.

In fact, as she sits inside a living-room of a massive mansion, that opinion becomes all she could think about.

"I must say, you're reputation is unparalleled." An Elderly Man with a greying beard, dressed like a knight, smiles at Jean from across the coffee table.

Jean, sitting silent on the couch, glares at the redheaded woman, who look much like Jean pictures herself at 50, a bottom heavy woman in a frilly green gown with head lowered, showing off a very noticeable strand of white hair, with a soft body trembling and jiggling rather intensely.

Personality wise, they were nothing alike. Jean's never been anywhere as meek and timid!

"You'd make a fine addition to the Rogers Clan." Sir Steve Rogers, Captain of The Marvel Empire's Knights, praises.

It's important to note that Marvel wishes to absorb the Queen of Xavier into their empire. Some want this by force, some by marriage. Sir Rogers is taken both directions by attempting to acquire their most powerful knight!

Jean shakes her head left and right as Rogers discuses land Jean is entitled to. She shakes her head as he discusses possible suitors. She shakes her head when he discusses meeting her younger half siblings. Children her daughters age!

And, finally, she stands with a red face when He calls the woman sitting by his side her mother!

It infuriated her very being!

"Listen here, She's not my mother." Jean says, trying her best not to shout. "My Mother... My Mother is Queen Charlotte Xavier. The woman who raised me when your wife abandoned me and my twin sister for death."

There was a lot to unpack there, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife!

"Jean. I..."

Jean cuts her off with a skilled and nimble tongue.

"Don't you dare justify your choices. Look, I use to be so angry with you." Jean sighs. "We were five years old, Barely five years old, and you left us in the woods to die..."

Sir Rogers had absolutely no idea about that. He just wanted a competing heir to his family. He was very uncomfortable and worried his plans won't follow through.

"Madelyne is dead. Did you know that?" Jean asks, looking at the shock in her watery green eyes, Jean doubts she knew.

"My Sister was the most wonderful person I ever had the honor of knowing. She forgave you not even a day after you left us in those woods. And she never had a day in her life with hatred towards you or anyone that did her wrong." Jean sighs. "So, I'm not yelling, for her sake. I'm not going to scream at you, call you a monster, or have a fit. But you have absolutely no right to be a part of my life!" Jean raises her voice slightly. "You... you can't earn that, it's far too late to try."

Jean looks at Sir Rogers, a more or less respectable man, and curtsies.

"Thank you for the offer. But I am proud Citizen of Xavier. I have no interest living in Marvel nor being a Noblewoman. Also, I'm not ashamed to admit this, I'm Gay and happily married to a woman."

Jean's moms eyes lit up, jaw dropped as Jean smirks.

"And let me be clear, though I am in fact a mother, you are not a grandmother."

  1. Jean returns to the Queendom of Xavier
  2. On her way home, Jean is Courted by a Duke that Sir Rogers was planning to set her up with
  3. Something else

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