Ricky's Curse - Ricky's Curse

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Ricky's Curse - Ricky's Curse

Although he didn't quite know it, Ricky was cursed. An unwitting agent of Chaos, Ricky was cursed to transform into another person at random times. Sometimes a personality would manifest more than once, but usually it was some new identity. As this new identity interacted with the world around them, reality would alter. The longer they stayed around, or the more people they interacted with the larger the ripples through reality. Eventually, Ricky would change back none the wiser, but no one and nothing else would and reality would attempt to reconcile itself, causing chaos. Click to find out which personality Ricky transforms into.
  1. Reza: a taxi driver in New York City
  2. Bryci: a sorority girl
  3. Ruby: a stripper
  4. Bianca: a trophy wife
  5. Someone Else

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