The Phoenix Reborn - Gravity Falls X

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The Phoenix Reborn - Gravity Falls X

Parent Chapter

"Dear Mom and Dad..." Mabel Pines, a twelve year old hyped up on maple syrup and chocolate chip pancakes, states on a camcorder inside the Mystery Shack, based in the small Oregon town of Gravity Falls, a tacky, hole in the wall owned and operated by her Great Aunt Emma, a Middle Aged, Rotund Blonde Con Artist affectionately referred to as Graunty Emma.

"A lot has happened this summer, A LOT." She laughs while walking into the living room where her twin brother, Dipper Pines, Soos, The Mystery Shack's Handyman, Wendy, a cool, Teenage lumberjack cashier, and the disembodied wax head of Larry King watch Duck Detective with plates of chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, bacon, and hash browns.

"We found out Gnomes are real, and aliens. We found out Witches are real, and Mutants. We found out koala centaurs are a thing..."

Soos shudders.

"Wow, dude, let's not mention those!"

"Larry King's Disembodied Wax Head still has night terrors about them." Larry King's Disembodied Head speaks on third person as Wendy and Dipper nod in agreement.

"But probably the craziest thing we learned this summer. No, the craziest thing, is Graunty Emma is greeting married!"

Mabel Pines pans the kitchen where a plum blonde in a wifebeater leans in wooden chair at a kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee in hand a frustrated look on her face as a bottom heavy red head, dressed in a trench coats with one of Mabel's bedazzled aprons wrapped around her wide hips, happily hums while flipping pancakes.

She turns her head at Mabel, smiling, and waving her spatula.

Emma sighs while taking a sip of her coffee.

"Mabel, you know I'm not camera ready in the morning."

"Graunty Emma, is 4 pm."

"Honey, when you wake up at 11:30, it's morning till you say it's not."

Doctor Jean Grey, author of a journal detailing the strange absurdities of Gravity Falls, a woman lost in the multiverse for 30 years, giggles as she wraps her arms around her fiance, giving the surly gal a light peck on the cheek.

"God, I missed your attitude." Jean cooed.

Mabel awes at public display of affection.

"Well, Mom, you were right about Graunty Emma. Sorry, Dad, you owe Mom a hundred bucks!"

Emma growls at the camera and Jean giggles, femininely placing a hand on her face.

"Mabel, go watch Duck Detective with the kids." Emma demands. "Your... uh... you okay with being Graunty Jean?"

Jean glares.

"Do you even have to ask?!"

Emma smiles, her eyes watery. It's been 30 very, very long years without the love of her life. She's so happy those days are over!

  1. Jean and Emma talk about their future while cleaning the dishes
  2. Dipper and Mabel talk about their New Great Aunt
  3. Since Mutants exist on this world, are their superheroes?!
  4. Something else

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