The Phoenix Reborn - The Roman Empire

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The Phoenix Reborn - The Roman Empire

Parent Chapter

(Londinium, 100 CE)

"Jean?" A Blonde Woman, cloaked in blue, Roman fashion, stares at a redhead, dressed like a gladiator, eating mutton with an ale. "Is that you?!"

"Emma." Jean cocks her head towards a vacant stool.

Emma sits and Jean immediately orders the Angel a fresh mutton and mug of ale.

"So... are you still a Demon?" Emma awkwardly makes small talk while waiting for her meal.

Jean looks at her with a raised brow.

"No, I'm a Unicorn now. What kind of question is that, Emma?!"

Emma shrugs as a waitress sets down her mutton and ale.

"Haven't seen you since that special crucifix in Palestine." Jean mentions as Emma's face begins to glow. She'd never had mutton till now. The taste makes her giddy!

"Really, it's been that long?"

Jean nods.

"Last I heard, you were in Nippon?"

Emma nods.

"What do they call those spirits there... yokai?"

"Yeah." Emma smiles. "And they're... uh... Fair Folk here?"


"So, how long have you been in this neck of the woods?"

"Since the Romans built this city." Jean smiles.

"Really?" Emma laughs.

"What?" Jean questions that tone of voice. She hates when Emma uses that smug tone!

"Oh, nothing."

"No, what are you thinking?" Jean prods.

"Well, what is this, the tenth city you've helped build?"

Jean shrugs, taken a long sip of her ale.

"You really like building cities. Don't you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jean lowers her head.

"Let's see, Athens, Troy, Jerusalem.... and let's not forget, Mohenjo-daro*!" Emma teases.

"So I like making walls. Nothing wrong with that." Jean defends.

Emma nods.

"I guess. Oh, wow, I can't believe I haven't completed you on this yet. That wall in the Middle Kingdom? It's great." Emma smiles with thumbs up. "Great job!"

Jean starts to blush. She hates how Emma can do that to her!

  1. Jean gets revenge on Emma, discussing rumors she heard about the blonde in India!
  2. The Crusades
  3. The Renaissance
  4. Colonial America
  5. Something else

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