The Phoenix Reborn - Corrupted Housewife

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The Phoenix Reborn - Corrupted Housewife

Parent Chapter

Jean Summers was angry, angry and annoyed that she caught her husband, once again, sucking his bosses dick while she, pregnant with their fourth child, was dropping off his lunch!

1980 was not a good year for this redheaded Housewife. Not one bit!

Frustrated, she hits her the wheel of her minivan, a loud honk in the parking lot bringing lots and lots of attention.

Her green eyes breaking in tears, lips quivering, she wipes her face, avoiding her red polished nails from scraping her skin.

She just couldn't escape the thought of divorce. That is, until her stomach started growling. Hungry, Jean decides to drive to a new restaurant in town. A place called...

  1. Frost's Pizza
  2. Shaw's Steakhouse
  3. Logan's Subs
  4. Something else

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