Slutty Titans - Starfire walking the street

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Slutty Titans - Starfire walking the street

Starfire adjusted her purple tube-top and sauntered down the street, her long purple heels clacking on the pavement. It was so simple once it had been explained to her. The reason she had been having a hard time understanding earthlings was because she hadn't been focusing on the things that really mattered to them -- sex and money. That was what being a human was about, and this was a great opportunity to explore both of them. Her cunt was dripping as she looked forward to the evening -- sex and money, that worked so perfectly together. She would get so many people to ride her fuck train. She was learning so much about Earth, and having so much fun doing it!
  1. Another Titan seems a little different
  2. Starfire gets someone to ride her fuck train
  3. How did she end up this way?
  4. Something else

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