Blue Flame - Prologue

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Blue Flame - Prologue

Electrical energy whirred as the machine was activated, its purpose was unknown to the main populace. Only they knew its true purpose. What can be said is an explosion took place, a tiny one, but enough for it to slide through. The scientists could only gawk at it. ItÃÂs bizarre crystalline structure crackled with a strange blue fire emanating from it. ItÃÂs glowing blue flames seemed to penetrate their very souls, instilling immense fear. The thing looked out at this strange new world and itÃÂs bizarre shapes and structures it too initially felt fear. Then it recognized a familiar stench, one it associated with food. The journey here had somehow left it famished and now it was ready to feed.

With a loud sound reminiscent of bones cracking and shifting, the strange visitor spread out itÃÂs crystal spikes and began absorbing energy from the scientists. Soon the scientists were comatose on the floor, their eyes glowing with blue energy before finally dying down. Soon the scientists each began changing, one grew fur, one began morphing into a different looking person, one scientist was growing to extreme new heights. Any and all types of transformation seemed to taking place. But why?

The thing now having fed for now, left to secure a new nest. As it rose and crashed through the glass ceiling. They watched on in silence realizing they had created a threat to be destroyed, but how? And what effect would it have. Who else would this thing encounter? What strange alteration would it make?
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