The Middle ages - The aftermath

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The Middle ages - The aftermath

Society had been forever changed since the mature women of society had taken over. The only businesses they saw fit to keep in operation were salons, cosmetic surgeries, Wineries and Clothing stores. The conversions were done in multiple ways, depending on the willingness of the subject. If the subject was willing to be converted, he or she was usually given a pair of mature women's heels that had been coated in the formula created by the ringleaders in the middle age takeover. However if they were unwilling to be converted, the subjects were either spray tanned with the chemical formula laced in, or in other cases sex was a good vector, as young men could be seduced into acceptance.

Of course there were those who escaped the chaos, fled and went into hiding and they were dotted all over the place, some in groups, and some on their own, and this is Their story.
  1. Daniel, a 24 year old cop trying to survive on his own
  2. Wendy, a 32 year old woman who's found a survival group
  3. Paul, an 18 year old student hiding in the city
  4. Amy, a 24 year old who seems to be immune to the formula, at least for now
  5. Something else

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