Slime girls - the begining

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Slime girls - the begining

Jasmine was a very attractive 19 girl weighing a mere 90 pounds she had red hair bright green eyes. Early one morning she was jogging through the local park on her morning jog wearing a sports bra and shorts when she slipped and fell tumbling over a nearby cliff she relises that she is going to die when suddenly she lands on something soft and slimy she rolls off and into some bushes she looks to see what saved her and observes a fat girl of about 300 pounds she but she was no ordinary girl she was pale blue and slightly see through she is in a panic and sudden you notice the sound of boots and sharp orders being barked. "they want to kill me I don't have much time you have to help me
  1. "yes of"
  2. "No absoloutly not"

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