Symposium Morbus - Outbreak is imminent - Storecase

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Symposium Morbus - Outbreak is imminent - Storecase

Somewhere out in the multiverse, a repository contains the most powerful hyperviruses, Powered pathogens, dimensional infestations and magic, reality warping pathogens known to sentience. These contained forces are so powerful they can sicken the fabric of space and time itself and cause unfathomable changes, both to sentient beings and their surroundings. Time can be rewritten on a mere catch of such entities, thus why their keepers have gone through the effort of storing them inside a maximum security facility. There they've been kept locked up safe from any prominent universe, for the most part.

That is, until now.

As we begin our story, a mysterious hooded rogue has broken in and managed to steal a test tube sample of one such transformational agent. Which tube did he nab?

Facultas Molior - These microorganisms cause individuals effected to gain otherworldly powers that grow rapidly until the affected reaches godhood. An onset of megalomaniacal behavior is a predictable side-effect.

Faustus Switchistia - An acute parasite that leads organisms to switch traits with that of others from different universes.

Gothica Unlimited - A black oily contagion that spreads both a cultural warping of 'Gothic' fevers and an inclination towards all wear being skintight, slick, rubbery and fetish based.

Equine Fever - This disease will cause individuals infected to become obsessed with equines, usually colorful sentient ones. May or may not be the culprit of spontaneous onset horsification.

Pink Calamity - A gaseous bioweapon that leads to an outbreak of femininity, as well as a naturally infectious desire to spread all signature components as feminine.

The Aristobrat Virus - Often seen as the counterpart to the R9K Virus, this agent is responsible for countless victims becoming snotty, snobby pouty prudes obsessed with status, etiquette and social superiority. It also seems to come with an automatic increase of wealth for the afflicted.

The R9k Virus - An estranged virus that lowers the inhibitions and competency of those it infects. Notable areas in social ineptitude, hygiene, self-esteem, control, and work ethic lower while an overall an increase of neurotic symptoms pervade throughout the infected conscience. A magical change in locality to a more technologically advanced era encouraging their reclusive behavior is well noted.

The Primal Incubator - A metaphysical parasite that can only be detected by a pure heat signature, it's kept in an advanced technomagical prison resembling a crystal sphere. When broken and unleashed, it finds a host and turns them into what it's keepers call an "Incubator Agent", a dangerous entity who at first seeks to replicate and infect/create more incubators, and than create a secondary caste of reproductive drones to accompany it's own kind. Secondary Drones will often gain patterned sets of behaviors, including a desire to either protect or in extreme cases mate with Incubator agents.

Arachno Seed - A small seed that can infect and control a host, leading to a grotesque bodily transformation and psychic stronghold on some unidentified being somewhere out there in subspace.
  1. Facultas Molior, spreading power everywhere
  2. Faustus Switchistia, casuing spontaneous switches
  3. Gothica Unlimited, making everyone Goth and Shiny
  4. Equine Fever, giving someone an affinity for horses
  5. Pink Calamity, creating an outbreak of girly girlishness
  6. The Aristobrat Virus, making somebody rich and prideful
  7. The R9k Virus, an outbreak of social reclusion
  8. The Primal Incubator, creating new Incubators
  9. Arachno Seed, connecting metamorphosed hosts to a hivemind
  10. More Outbreak choices!
  11. Let's follow how one of these were originally created, or contained instead
  12. Something Else

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